Collette with a duet on the tower
Collette Stewart and Susan Jane Watson

Pilates on Harrison

Pilates on Harrison was founded in 2015 by Collette Stewart and Susan Watson as a joint endeavor based on their shared love of teaching. The studio teaches Pilates as a means of empowering individuals to feel better in their bodies. We believe that anyone can learn to move with awareness and by doing so, access more freedom, health, and joy in all their daily activities. The Pilates exercises stimulate the body and inspire the mind. The goal of Pilates on Harrison is to guide you towards an understanding of individualized movement and full body health.

Joe Pilates

Joe Pilates created the Pilates Method in the early 1900’s and continued to develop the work throughout his 84 years. Mr. Pilates designed the exercises to help students rediscover youthful flexibility and whole-body strength. By focusing on balanced and articulate movement in the spine, the exercises strengthen the body’s core while cultivating precise attention to alignment and clear body awareness.

Mr. Pilates opened a studio in New York in 1926 where he and his wife Clara taught a repertoire of exercises on the Mat, Reformer, and Cadillac, and later on the Wunda Chair. An enthusiastic and creative teacher, Joe continuously invented new exercises and equipment pieces based on the needs of his clients. He developed a faithful clientele, some of whom continued to develop and teach the Pilates method after his death in 1967. These notable teachers include Ron Fletcher, Eve Gentry, Kathy Grant, Romana Kryzanowska, and Carola Trier. Much of our contemporary knowledge of the Pilates method is due not only to the work of Joe and Clara Pilates, but also to the dedication and creativity of these teachers.