Susan Watson

Susan Jane Watson

Skills and Talents
Clients appreciate Susan’s communication and teaching abilities—to break down complex exercises into easy-to-learn steps, to describe anatomy involved in the work, and to inspire greater range of movement and precision through the use of metaphor and imagery. Susan’s 29 years as a high school Literature teacher informs the work she does at Pilates on Harrison; Susan organizes for learning, assesses as she offers instruction, and builds clients’ sense of self-awareness and confidence.

Personal Qualities and Goals
People leave their sessions with Susan feeling energized and capable.There’s always something more to work on, and there’s always an accomplishment to be proud of—Susan helps clients identify both of these in every session. Susan is building a community at Pilates on Harrison. Susan wants her clients to find joy in movement and to enjoy learning this discipline with her and with their classmates and neighbors. Finally, Susan’s sense of humor makes working with her a pleasure. (One of her clients even calls it a “wicked sense of humor,” but Susan demurs.)

Credentials and Training
Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training. Movement Insights, Blue Mounds & Madison WI.
Pilates Master’s Program. The Pilates Center, Boulder CO.
National Board Certification. Pilates Method Alliance, North Bay Village FL.

Collette Stewart.png

Collette Stewart


Pilates is a framework for achieving physical, intellectual, and emotional health through movement—integrating these aspects and their expression through the body.

Collette Stewart began studying movement at a very young age through dance. She has undergraduate and graduate degrees in Dance, Pilates certification through The Pilates Center in Boulder, and Yoga Certification through Kripalu Yoga. She has been teaching dance, Pilates, and yoga for 20 years.

As a Pilates instructor, Collette's method incorporates a deep understanding of the body gained through her many movement practices, meditation practice, and energy healing work. Collette has studied anatomy extensively and uses imagery and anatomy as a means to heighten students' internal understanding of movement and kinesthetic body awareness. Over the years, Collette has taught a wide range of individuals—from the very fit to the very injured—addressing tension and misalignment patterns in either case. Her expertise in this field comes from engaging with her personal pattern, a deeply embedded scoliosis curvature in her spine. Through that process, she continues to develop the skills necessary to teach alignment and awareness through movement. 

Collette also teaches at UW Madison in the Dance department where she directs the Pilates certificate, training dance and kinesiology students to become Pilates teachers upon graduation. She also directs Mound Street Yoga Center in collaboration with her husband Scott Anderson and performs as a dancer with Jin-Wen Yu dance and in her own choreographed projects.

Scott Anderson.png

Scott Anderson

By releasing tension you become stronger, and building strength allows you to let go of tension.

Scott began practicing yoga as a teenager and refined his practice through his years as a college student/athlete. With a background in physics and biomechanics, Scott deeply explores the logic of the body's anatomical structures and its systems. Scott studied with Hatha Yoga masters Dona Holleman and Ramanand Patel, and spent six years studying intensively with Roger Eischens. By working closely with master teachers, Scott came to recognize the human body as a microcosm of the greater natural world, which inspires his creative and grounded teaching presence.

In addition to Scott’s extensive yoga training, he is also a certified bodyworker, Pilates instructor and graduate student. Through Zero Balancing (ZB) training, Scott developed greater insight into the workings of the skeleton and how the bones influence the rest of the organism. Through his extensive Pilates training, Scott has deepened his understanding of the body's core and its contribution to wellness and vitality. At fifty years of age, Scott matriculated at the University of Wisconsin - Madison to pursue a Ph.D in Kinesiology. The rigor of graduate studies in Kinesiology and Neuroscience also informs his practice and teaching.

Scott is also a dedicated student of the meditation master Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche. He is a Senior Practice Leader and Facilitator within the Tergar community, where he facilitates group discussions and leads guided meditations.

Lisa Flax

Lisa Flax

Pilates found its way into the day-to-day routine of Lisa Flax when she retired from her career as a public school teacher. With time to pursue a new passion, she became an avid Pilates student. With regular class attendance, Lisa found her ability to manage the long-standing musculoskeletal challenges of having a spinal scoliosis improved. It was only a matter of time before she decided to pursue Pilates at a deeper level and add a new chapter to her 34 years of teaching expertise. Lisa earned both her mat and equipment Pilates teaching certificate (425 hours) through Movement Insights with Collette Stewart. She has been teaching Pilates in the Madison area since 2015.

Lisa uses imagery, fundamental exercises, and Pilates accessories to bring a deeper understanding to the Pilates equipment work. Her ability to observe individual student needs, model and share the exercises, and clearly explain how the exercises apply to proper alignment and breath patterns are valued by her students. Lisa’s classes and private sessions guide clients to a clearer understanding of their unique movement patterns and how those patterns can be shaped to promote a healthy functional life of movement.


Elisa Hildner

Elisa is a recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BS in Dance and a certificate in Pilates. Through her study of Dance, Elisa discovered her curiosity about human anatomy and movement. She enrolled herself in Pilates equipment and mat courses and found that Pilates perfectly suited this continued investigation. She joined the UW Dance Department 2-year Pilates Certificate program under the direction of Collette Stewart and over time developed her deep passion for the practice of Pilates and teaching. Elisa’s passion for Pilates wasn’t immediate, it grew over time through practice and the rich realization that through deep investigation, one can always find more to learn about the body.

Elisa not only uses Pilates as a form of cross-training to supplement her dancing, but she also utilizes the practice to discover more about her own body and find ways to strengthen herself for daily life. She works heavily with the principle of precision in her practice as it helps to deepen the work within the body and create a sense of clarity. In her teaching she values focus, attention to detail, and anatomy and finds ways to connect her vision for clients to their own goals. Her goal is for each of her clients to find their own body discoveries and develop their own physical autonomy. She strongly believes in the health benefits that Pilates has on daily lives and strives to share this enthusiasm with everyone.  


Megan Katz


Kelsey Macomber

 As a long-time practitioner of yoga and Pilates, Kelsey unearthed her passion for teaching movement practices while studying Psychology and Neuroscience at UW-Madison. Kelsey became an instructor for UW Rec Sports in 2010, and has been wholeheartedly dedicated to her work as an instructor and practitioner ever since. Kelsey is a certified instructor of yoga and Pilates, and has continued to expand her reach and experience of teaching and training. She believes yoga and Pilates have the power to change an individual’s experience of their body from the inside out, and offer an incredible peace of mind. Kelsey approaches each method with emphasis on mindful awareness, and physical precision. 

Kelsey received her Pilates Teaching certification through UW Madison in 2015, which enabled her to better understand functional movement practices more deeply than ever before. Kelsey blends the Classical Pilates Method with contemporary ideas and adaptations to help individuals find novel engagement and connection. She uses this approach to tailor each session to clients’ specific challenges and strengths. Kelsey strives to educate and enable participants through challenging sequences, but offers an accessible practice to any level of experience. Kelsey hopes to empower clients to unearth deep awareness of the strength, power, and potential of their own body and mind. 

Julia Rymut

Julia Rymut

Julia has practiced yoga since 1986 when she first walked into the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco. She loved what she learned from the poses-- the marvelous way the body functions and its relationship to mind.  Using the awareness she learned in yoga, she developed mindfulness in her daily life. Her interest in health, body mechanics, and meditation continued to grow and in 2015, she became a RYT200 Yoga Teacher.

Soon after becoming a yoga teacher, Julia realized that yoga is not for everyone, nor is it for every body.  So in 2016, Julia got her Pilates certificate to expand her knowledge of body mechanics and somatics. The Pilates exercises help relieve upper and lower back issues by building shoulder girdle and core strength. They get you moving. They challenge your muscular and nervous systems. And through repetition, you learn how to move your body in a functional, healthy way.

Julia believes the secret to a healthy body is balance. Flow and control. Breath and body. Movement and rest. Action and resistance. With open curiosity, Julia works with you to find the balance that your body needs.