New Students

New to Pilates Equipment? Well, we may be a bit biased, but we think you’re in for a treat. Pilates will help you become stronger, stand taller, and breathe better. Pilates has tools to help you even out alignment imbalances, and it’s easily adaptable for students who are older or for those recovering from injury. It can also be used to support other activities (running, skiing, dancing) whether you’re an enthusiast or a professional. And, it’s really fun.

Check out the options below for ways to start, or call us at 709-1775 to find out more information. We’re always happy to talk about Pilates.

Susan teaching a private on the reformer

Private Sessions - New Client Offer

The benefits of Pilates are never so obvious as when you take a private session. A private session introduces you to all of the Pilates equipment (Reformer, Mat, Tower, and Chair) and allows your Pilates instructor to provide you with individualized feedback about the exercises and your body as a whole. Each session is tailored to fit your body, taking into account strength, energy, alignment, and how you are feeling on a given day.

Pilates on Harrison offers a special introductory package of 3 sessions to new students at a reduced rate. After 3 private sessions, you and your instructor can work together to formulate a strategy for continuing Pilates. Whatever your preference, we’re happy to help you build a program that fits your needs, schedule, and budget.

Three sessions with an instructor: $180

Three sessions with an owner: $210

Julia teaching a reformer class

Introductory Equipment Series

If you’ve never tried the Pilates equipment or if you’ve been away a while and would like a refresher, the Introductory Equipment Series is a great way to start. Offered in the fall, winter and late spring, the 6-week series will teach you the fundamentals of Pilates in a once-a-week class. Students are introduced to beginning exercises on the Reformer, Tower, and Chair with time to practice, answer questions, and get a feel for the rhythm and flow of a Pilates equipment class. It’s a great way to dip your toe in the Pilates pool and see which equipment piece is your favorite and which is most challenging!

By the end of the course, you'll be ready to jump into our beginning equipment classes and start your journey to stronger, healthier movement.

Six week introductory series: $105