Private Sessions

Lisa teaching a tower private


There are a variety of ways to start and maintain a Pilates practice. However, the benefits of Pilates are obtained more quickly when you begin with a few private sessions. The Pilates method is unique in that the exercises themselves are only part of the workout. Equally important is the personal attention given to how the exercises are done. If you’re recovering from injury or dealing with chronic pain, private sessions can be especially useful. Your instructor will hand-pick and modify exercises to help you retrain movement habits that may have led to injury in the first place.

After 3-5 private sessions, you can work with your instructor to formulate a strategy for continuing Pilates. Many people continue to enjoy the individualized attention of weekly or semi-weekly private sessions. Some prefer to design a home practice and check in once a month. Others transition to classes which give a great workout at an affordable price.

Whatever your preference, we’re happy to help you build a program that fits your needs, schedule, and budget.